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Dylans mommy Alice was having a terrible day. Her bathroom was broken and she desperately needed a good washing!

She went the other douche in hopes it was empty, but it was occupied. It seemed to be her spouse. She asked how lengthy until he was done.

He replied with a sleek reaction, and also his chisel dangling out the curtain! Alice thought maybe if she deepthroated him off it would speed up his process.

Sure enough, he pushes the curtains to the side to unveil it was her stepson Dylan! Alice was in shock, but man was that pubescent stepcock mouth-watering.

They continued to fuck in the douche, until Alices spouse barged in looking for his cellphone. She fastly closed the curtains and shoed him away as her stepson continued to penetrate her.

You would think it was conditioner that got spurted onto her face at the end, but it surely wasnt.

It was her stepsons jizz! Haha.

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