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Sierra was super thankful to eventually meet her boyfriends parents this thanksgiving! If only things didnt play out the way they did.

Sierra had to pee the entire car ride, and rushed to go make a sissy. As she creaked open the douche door she eyed her boyfriends daddy urinating! And remarkably was not grossed out, but more like supah revved on. His spear was way thicker than his sons. At this point she wasnt just longing pumpkin pie, but also some tastey daddy bone. The family returns to the table, and before they gobble will say what they are all appreciative for. The boyfriends dad starts and Sierra keeps thinking how grateful she is to be next to this grizzly.

She takes her high-heeled slippers off and commences massaging his man meat with her foot. As he completes his sermon, she makes the salami inhaling motility to him. He realizes he has to get Sierra alone.

Gratefully, he gets her into a solitary part of the building and bones her like a fresh farm turkey, making sure to decorate her face in some torrid fresh boy man-cream.

Glad Spanksgiving!

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